UHMW-PE TIVAR Industrial Chute Linings

Commonly used in production plants, chutes are a system used to move materials from one point to another, solely relying on gravity. Unfortunately, problems such as blockages happen all too often, causing downtime and inefficiency until they are dealt with. Here at Gregory’s Linings, we utilize UHMW-PE chute linings as a primary solution. We cater to chutes of all different sizes and varieties, including:

  • Transfer Chutes
  • Space Frame Chutes
  • Frame Chutes
  • Vibratory Chutes
  • Trouser Leg Chutes

TIVAR UHMW-PE Chute Linings

We use TIVAR UHMW-PE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) for all chutes as we believe this provides the best handling in the business. They are strongly recommended by engineering companies throughout the UK and offer the following benefits:

Low coefficient of friction – As the surface of TIVAR linings creates minimal friction, chutes can be created on lower angles. This gives greater flexibility and allows you to use all available space as effectively as possible.

Added layer of protection – These linings are designed to protect the chute, extending their working life.

No maintenance – Self-lubricating and requires no ongoing maintenance after the installation has been completed.

Resistant – UHMW-PE is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosive chemicals. It will also not rust over time.

Food safe – Does not absorb water and can be used in places where food hygiene is a top priority.

On Site Installations Available

Gregory’s Linings offer a comprehensive on-site installation service that can be performed at a time that is convenient for you. We will perform a full analysis of your current system, before creating an optimal solution. Regardless of whether you are looking to install a completely new system, or would like linings to fit your existing chutes, a member of our team will be happy to assist.

Get in touch with us today on 01724 487150 or 07801 695478 for more information about our Chute Lining service. Alternatively, complete the form located on our contact us page and we will reply by email as soon as possible.